There are many types of cruelty-free deodorants available on the market as it is one of the essential hygiene products that’s used every day. People go through tons of deodorant each year, and some types of commonly used deodorant can have harmful effects. Shopping for cruelty-free, all-natural deodorant can help people find a healthier product while protecting themselves, animals and the environment.

Reasons to Use Natural Deodorants

Cruelty-free deodorants have a tendency to be natural as companies that align their efforts with animal welfare are often focused on having ethical and healthy ingredients as well. One of the main problematic ingredients in traditional antiperspirant is aluminum, which may be linked to issues like dementia. Conventional deodorants also often contain parabens and phthalates, preservatives that can mimic estrogen and cause hormonal issues. Some non-natural products also have triclosan, a type of preservative linked to chronic disease.

Things to Look for in a Cruelty-Free Deodorant

Picking from the many different cruelty-free deodorant options does not have to be complicated. The first thing to consider is what level of cruelty-free one is comfortable with. Either look for products that are not tested on animals or search for versions with more extensive cruelty-free credentials. Then, take a look at the ingredients for all-natural options. After brand selection, choose preferred fragrances or pick a scentless option.

Another thing to consider is the form of deodorant. When it comes to solid vs. roll-on or spray vs. cream, it is necessary to consider how the deodorant will be used. All the versions of deodorant can be useful, but some are better suited to certain situations than others.

The Right Natural Deodorants for Running Errands

For quick errands or trips out of the house one typically does not need to bother with a very long-lasting deodorant. In these situations, a solid deodorant is an excellent choice. This style of deodorant normally comes in a stick container.

However, not all cruelty-free brands have their solid deodorants sold in stick form. To cut back on plastic packaging that is wasteful to produce and clogs oceans and landfills when it is discarded, some brands create package-free solid deodorant. This style of deodorant is slightly softer, so when a person rubs the deodorant against their body, a thin layer adheres to their skin.

Most natural solid deodorants are good for a couple of hours and are best for short bouts of activity and should be reapplied.

Good Cruelty-Free Deodorant Options for Exercise

Cruelty-free deodorants are really put to the test when a person is exercising. It is almost impossible to avoid sweating altogether when busy in the gym. In these situations, the job of deodorant is to cut back on bad odors when sweating.

Consider a roll-on deodorant as it tends to have a thinner, almost liquid formula. The texture of this roll-on deodorant allows a person to smoothly apply it to every area of their underarms so that no stinky sweat can drift through. It can be applied multiple times, building up a layer of deodorant that fights off smells while a person is working out.

Another nice thing about roll-on deodorants is that they tend to be a clear formula instead of a white formula. Since so many people exercise in tank tops, this is quite useful. The deodorant looks invisible instead of forming white crumbles that stick in armpit creases while moving around.

The Best Cruelty-Free Deodorant for People on the Go

It's common for people to be busy running around all day and have no time to stop for careful deodorant application. When traveling, walking to and from work or making stops in several places, try a deodorant that is long-lasting without being as thick as a deodorant used for exercise. In this sort of circumstance, consider a spray deodorant.

Using a spray deodorant lets people spritz on a fine mist of deodorant whenever they need it. The formulas are typically strong enough to stand up to an active lifestyle, but people who find that their natural deodorant is not quite as long-lasting as they wanted can still reapply it easily.

The small packaging of this deodorant typically fits in a bag and can quickly be sprayed on whenever a person feels like they are starting to get a little sticky or smelly. Spray-on deodorants dry much more quickly than roll-on styles as well.

Natural Deodorants That Last All Day at Work

Natural deodorants tend to have a reputation for being less effective than traditional deodorants. It is true that chemical-filled products tend to instantly halt all sweat production, but this does not mean that natural options are less useful. There are actually several variants that are long-lasting, so they are perfect when a person is in for a lengthy day at work.

Typically, the longest-lasting deodorants are cream deodorants. This type of cruelty-free deodorant has a smooth, slightly liquid texture similar to a lotion or a gel. It normally comes in a small container that expels a dose of the product with a twist of a knob or a push of a button.

Like liquid deodorants, the softer texture of cream deodorants lets a person apply an even layer that thoroughly coats the problem area. However, the thicker formula means that the deodorant is longer-lasting. It can keep people feeling fresh for hours.

A Great All-Purpose, Cruelty-Free Deodorant for Everyday Use

Those who want an all-purpose deodorant may consider a unique natural deodorant style. A stone deodorant looks like a translucent piece of crystal or rock. Most stone deodorants are made from a type of potassium sulfate salt that neutralizes odors. Though people still get damp with this style, it halts any smells.

Stone deodorants take a little time to get used to, but they can be a nice all-purpose option. To apply it, lightly wet the surface and rubs the stick over their armpits. This applies a thin layer of the salt solution to the areas where it is needed. Stone deodorant lasts for quite a while, keeps armpit odors from bothering people, and will not cling to clothing.